Find My Teacher

Facilitate the teacher-student relationship

Are you a learner looking for a learning solution?

You are a school, a conservatory, an educational structure or a teacher seeking visibility?

Find My Teacher has been developed to connect students with structures or teachers who give lessons.

mockup find my teacher

A free tool

The main teacher referral sites, such as Superprof, are not free.  If you want to get in touch with the teacher, you have to put your credit card…

Find My Teacher is a completely free website, for your teaching structure, for the teacher and for the student.

To find a structure, a teacher, a digital solution

Find My Teacher is the only site that presents the full range of learning opportunities.

It includes schools and conservatories, independent teachers, personal service management companies and e-learning solutions.

mockup find my teacher
mockup find my teacher

To give courses

Do you want to promote your teaching structure or offer your services as a private teacher?

Sign up for Find My Teacher to appear in internet search engines and reference your own website.

A pedagogical tool

There are many ways to learn: conservatory, training center, association school, independent teacher, personal assistance company, online solutions.

Find My Teacher offers you the most suitable solutions for your project.

mockup find my teacher
mockup find my teacher

Music and tutoring teachers

The Find My Teacher site is slowly growing.

Music lessons in the first instance, academic support in the second instance.

We will expand the directory as we go along to include other requests and teaching opportunities.

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