A space to discover music

A simple and free pedagogical tool available to self-taught musicians, but also to teachers and students.

mockup imusic-blog
mockup imusic-blog

A space designed for beginners

The imusic-blog project does not aim to multiply articles for all musicians, nor to fill pages of text that make things even more complex.

The project aims to provide quick reference points, simple tools and advice for everyone.


We offer advice on how to start playing the instrument:

  • Which instrument to buy?
  • How to tune your guitar?
  • How to read a score?
  • Etc…
mockup imusic-blog
mockup imusic-blog


In the same space, we give you access to all our free online tools:

  • metronome
  • tuners
  • playable piano keyboard
  • chord and scale dictionaries
  • drum machine

Encyclopedia of Music

With modern tools, we offer a richer information than the articles present on the net.

Videos, audio excerpts, interactive scores are more effective than long speeches, otherwise available on the net or in traditional methods.

mockup imusic-blog
mockup imusic-blog


From the most common instruments like the trumpet and the saxophone, to rare instruments, discover all the musical instruments of the world.

Musical genres

From well-known styles such as classical music, jazz, salsa to traditional music from Africa, South America and Asia, discover world music.

mockup imusic-blog
mockup imusic-blog


Quick articles about composers, artists and music groups that have made music history.

Musical terms

The music uses many specific words, often Italian or English.

We offer a short explanation and selected examples for you to understand or explain.

mockup imusic-blog
théorie imusic-blog


Notes, rhythms, timbres, scales, chords, modes, alterations…

Take advantage of simple explanations and examples to quickly understand what it is all about.

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